Fused Acrylics
Two years in the making, Tibi completed in 2008 the final stages in the development of the Fused Acrylics, a term he coined for his new painting technique. He has chosen to explore the acrylics far beyond their traditional use for their overall versatility, resourcefulness, fast drying capabilities and not toxic qualities. With the use of Fused Acrylics, Tibi creates his own artistic brand that can best be described as powerful contemporary visuals of an unseen depth of field and richness of color.

As the term suggests, Fused Acrylics are the result of the fusion process between several thin semi-transparent layers of acrylic paint applied in-between an equal number of fully transparent layers of acrylic medium. The combined layers are subsequently pressed in-between two panels, one opaque for the back and one fully transparent for the front. The drying process binds, or fuses, the layers and the panels together into what becomes a finalized painting. The art work is then mounted in an aluminum frame that gives it stability, endurance and a sleek, contemporary look.

Tibi's fused acrylic paintings range in size from 40X40"in to 6X9 ft. Custom sizes and themes are available on commission.

Contact Tibi for additional information at:
Tibi Hegyesi
Toronto, Canada